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23 March 2018

Starting to deliver the heat exchanger in Titanium to a new Swedish customer.


25 October 2014

Titanium and Tantalum

LioMater AB has delivered titanium components for water industry and will deliver cooling coil made of Tantalum to Swedish Industry.



5 May 2014

LioMater AB has signed an agreement with MicroFire Technology Company Ltd. to market and sell its flashlights and accessories in Sweden.



30 April 2009

Our new homepage is released.



30 April 2009

Sunree becomes LioMater's registered trade mark.



21-24 Maj 2009

Elmia Game Fair, Jönköping, Sweden



29 Dec, 2009

Sunree Discovery 9, new revised version is in stock.



03 March, 201021-24 maj 2009

Sunree D3 headlight with MCE, 600 lumens, is released.




12-15 March, 2010

IWA 2010 & Outdoorclassic, Nuernberg, Germany. Our stand nr: 6-422. Welcome!



LioMater AB was grounded in 1997 as a consulting and subcontractor supplying metal and plastic components and plastic toolings to Swedish companies. Our factories in China are ISO certificated and technical personnels are well trained. The enormous development over the latest 20 years made China become the most important globe supplier. Through our unique contact networks (one of the grounders is from China) we will be able to find the most suitable supplier that may fulfill your requirements. We combine Swedish service and Chinese price, the best of two worlds that you could think of.


LED light products

In 2006  LioMater AB started to develop business of LED products for Swedish chain stores. And later we have made customized flashlights to Swedish police. Recently, we have launched our own brand SUNREE. Our vision is to design and develop our own LED flashlights, headlight for hunters, campers, professionals, and personal use; and to make the best reliable light which is affordable for customers.


We have an extensive stock in Sweden for immediately delivery in Europe. For other regions, please contact our local agents.


We welcome your inquiry and will do our best to fulfill your needs! 


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